Find the Perfect Plus Size Costume

Choosing a Costume

  • The two most important things to consider when shopping for plus size costumes are comfort and fun. Ask yourself if the costume you are considering looks fun and interesting. The next question to ask is whether you will be comfortable in your costume. You will not be having any fun if you have to adjust your outfit every few minutes. Looking good is important but feeling good in your own skin is better.
  • When choosing a costume, try to find one that accentuates your best features. Avoid outfits that will draw attention to unflattering areas. If you have the right legs for a dress or a skirt, feel free to show them. You can wear a fitted shirt or corset if you have an hourglass figure. Try to avoid large and round costumes. Do not come in tight costumes either. Clothes that fit properly give a better illusion than clothes that are too small or too large for the wearer.
  • Another point to consider is relevance. Know what kind of party you are attending. You do not want to go to a pirate’s themed party wearing a flapper costume. Keep in mind the kind of people attending the party. If you know there will be minors or children in attendance, avoid wearing revealing or too adult costumes. You can look great and have fun without wearing outfits with a baring neck or a short hemline.
  • Avoid bright colors. Dark colored fabrics are flattering with plus size costumes. Dark colors are slimming and especially perfect for a Halloween party. Bright colors highlight unflattering areas and draw attention to them. Avoid prints and patterns that will make embarrassing areas larger than they are. Horizontal lines are not for the larger-bodied. If you must wear stripes, choose horizontally lined costumes.
  • Consider the fabrics when choosing a costume. Soft, flowing fabrics are flattering. They can cover unsightly bulges in plus size costumes while leather just clings onto the body. If you are going to a party in a hot club, you should come in a costume with breathable fabrics. Think about your own comfort. When you are comfortable and confident in your costume, the fun will come naturally.

Parties are a lot more fun when they have themes. Even adults like to pretend they can be somebody else or in a different place or time even for just a while. Just as age is not a limit to dressing up, size cannot be as well. Following these tips can make your party experience a lot more fun. You can wear whatever you want, even a flapper costume, without worry.