How To Make A Tutu

  • Measure the waist of the girl. From that measurement, subtract about three inches. The result will be the length of your elastic. It is necessary to reduce the length because of the stretch ability – when you tie the tulle strips around the elastic, it will get stretched a bit. Deduct a few inches from the elastic to make sure that you don’t come up with a loose skirt.
  • Measure the length of the tulle. You would need about two feet per skirt. It may seem a little bit too long at first, but the strips will be folded in half so you will come up with a foot-long skirt. This length is not the standard one, though. Consider the height of the child too, when deciding on the length to use. Cut the cloth in strips that are four inches wide. This will give you a tutu with just the right amount of puffiness. You can cut wider strips if you want a greater puffiness.
  • Next, tie the strips to the ribbon or elastic. There are different ways to fasten the strips to the elastic. You can simply tie, glue, or stitch them. However, it would be easier to just tie them around the elastic. When tying the strip around the elastic, find the middle part of the strip and attach that part first so that there will be two strips sticking out with equal lengths. For a puffy skirt, pull the tied tulle strips tightly together on the elastic.
  • As mentioned earlier, you may use only one type of tulle. This way, the skirt will only be one color. For dual colored skirts, you can use two different kinds of the material but, they need to be colors that complement each other. Possible color combinations are fuchsia and pale pink, yellow and yellow-green, blue and orange, and lavender and pink. You can also have a multi-colored skirt using different types of tulles, but you have to be careful with the colors you choose. Of course, the colors you choose need to depend on the required one. If it’s for a school presentation or show, make sure you know what shade the skirt should come in.
  • When you are done, check the tutu and see whether the outcome looks great. Fit the tutu on the child it was made for. Is it just right or is it too loose or too tight? Is she comfortable wearing it? Does she like it? See if the edges are even. Make adjustments if needed.