Leather Gloves For Men

Protection is the most important thing to consider in biker gloves. They are sturdier than ordinary driving gloves as they hold their shape even when empty. Sometimes made with metal skid studs on the palm, some biker gloves are made of top grain aniline leather with a soft finish. The studs protect the rider from hand injuries as well as wounds made to the palm. When riding in summers, sweat becomes a problem in most gloves, as it dampens them and makes riding uneasy. Sweat doesn’t dampen these leather gloves as they have ventilation inlets in the fingers. These ventilation inlets help in evaporating any sweat and keep the biker’s hands comfortable during the ride. There are soft palm sliders on each palm and lining for extra comfort. These gloves fit very easily with two adjustable Velcro closures and an elasticized wrist band on each glove. These gloves are also durable as they have a double layer of leather and stitching around the most stressful areas.

For exceptional strength and protection, you should go for gloves with Schoeller Keprotec. Schoeller Keprotec with carbon Kevlar is used on top of the knuckles of some gloves to give strength. This material is mostly used in airplanes as it is strong and lightweight. Only a small quantity of this material is used in motorcycle gloves. Another slightly modified version of these gloves is also available with mesh, for maximum ventilation around the hands.

There are leather-steel biker gloves for even more protection. Made from premium quality aniline leather, they offer maximum protection with segmented steel plates on the knuckles. Even if you fall from your bike, you can stretch out your gloved hands to save your face; the steel on the gloves will absorb all of the impact. With a warm fleece lining and adjustable wrist Velcro belt, these gloves give both warmth and comfort to the biker.

For summers, there are lambskin finger-less gloves. They have a Velcro strap and a design that gives flexibility for moving hands. Usually black in color, these finger-less gloves allow riders to have an excellent grip on the bike. As for winter, you can try Gauntlet gloves. These have extended cuffs to cover a part of the forearm. What makes them idea for the cold season is that you can tuck your jacket’s sleeves in the gloves to avoid getting cold as you cruise on your bike.

Even though black is a common color for motorcycle leather gloves for men, some gloves come in other colors as well. Gloves will look their best if matched with your leather jacket’s color. You can either shop online or go to a motorcycle gear store whenever you feel the need to buy leather gloves. They aren’t very expensive and may even hold out a couple of years if you take good care of them.