Magic of Shoes in Films

If you enjoy buying many pairs in all shapes and colours but do not want to spend lots of money, this is certainly possible. All you need to do is remind yourself that you do not want them, you need them! Footwear is an important part of day-to-day life, so this excuse is acceptable. One of the places where these garments are appreciated and make regular appearances is at the movies. Weather it is buying or wearing a special pair, the importance of this footwear is displayed in many much-loved films.

Two of the most iconic films featuring shoes as one of the main themes are Cinderella and The Wizard of Oz. Imagining blue glass slippers and bright red material versions as the characters dance around in your mind, will bring childhood memories flooding back. Every little girl dreams of owning some just like this, and is possibly where a love of shoes begins. If you know a shoe-a-holic you can advise them to blame Cinderella and Dorothy for their obsession!

Whilst a glass slipper is very impractical, especially when running, Cinderella made them work for her although she should have been a bit more careful! Everybody remembers the special moment when the clock struck midnight and she rushed off to leave the ball. Leaving it a minute later, the transformation of going back to scruffy ways will occur and she will not be seen as a beautiful princess anymore. As the prince races to the door, he is too late. One thing remains behind however, one of her iconic slippers. He then pursues on a mission to find the special lady who holds his heart, and all he has to go off is an item of footwear. Luckily for him Cinderella’s ugly sisters are a bit overweight and their feet do not fit. Once managing to come across Cinder’s dainty feet the magical fairytale is complete!