Olympic Inspired Fashion

Sportswear has been around for a very long time, and has been designed with an athlete in mind. This style has definitely chosen comfort and practicality over looking good, which seems like the obvious choice. However it is now taking a fashionable turn. It will still keep its substance but people will be looking better wearing them. People can tend to feel ashamed when venturing out of the house in their worn tracksuits, but with new designs being created you will be able to step out with pride!

Athletes are seen wearing top designer sports gear and this is partly where inspiration will have been taken from. Bringing in new colours and designs to glam up sports gear will make women especially want to wear them more. Being able to put on a glitzy fleece jacket and on-trend sweatpants will be a nice change from having to wear other forms of clothing. Of course there will still be a time and a place for these. They may not be taking over your outfits for dressing up for special occasions or going to work, but will be great for day to day wear. Of course you can still slouch around the house in them but look a bit more ‘done up’ than usual. This is great in case an unexpected visitor decides to pop in!

As well as having the typical hooded jumper and tracksuit bottoms re-designed, forms of normal clothing are experiencing a sporting revamp. If you were unhappy at the mention of the sportswear not being available for evenings then I can now cheer you up. Top designers have been coming up with new creations for dresses that have been inspired by swimsuits. The garments made have added in key-hole halters and cut-out bodices which are similar to what you see featured in athletes’ swimsuits. Taking these tight fitting forms of sports-wear is easily translated into women’s wear and aims to show off your figure.

The Olympics only happen every four years so having this update in sporting gear will make you ready for the next one to come. Whether you are an athlete or simply feel comfortable in this form of attire, you can always look stylish.