Playsuits for Women

Tall, slender ladies look great in long-legged playsuits. A plunging neckline will be well complemented with an interesting exotic necklace that hangs low, almost outlining your playsuit’s neckline. A halter neck will do wonders to highlight your broad shoulders elongate your neck. Stick to colours like red, black and champagne and you will sparkle in the night without revealing all that much skin.

For younger girls, short jumpsuits get our seal of approval. [Check out the jumpsuit from the brand Finders Keepers under Womens Jumpsuits & Playsuits. They are youthful and show off your girlish charms. Pair with cutesy ballet flats, or sneakers for a little tomboy-chic. Play with colours and motifs on these ones, they are pretty safe. You can be cute and sexy if you wear one on its own, but if you prefer a more modest appeal, throw a thin top under.

But short jumpsuits can also work for older women. There are some pretty sophisticated cuts out there in the fashion universe. A black jumpsuit with a satin sheen drawing sleek lines across, will give structure to your jumpsuit and show off your legs playfully and keep it age-appropriate. A squarish neckline or ¼ sleeves will create sharper angles that look good on you.

If sexy is what you are going for, forget sleeves entirely. Pick jumpsuits that come with a tube top or corset-like design so they show lots of skin up top then flow down over your legs and make it look like you are floating into the night.

Jumpsuits give that blasé flair, like you don’t want to limited in your mobility. Flowy garments like batwings and flared pants all look great and free. This works very well with clutches. Get a contrasting clutch and some sequined accessories to pull your whole outfit together.

For a little inspiration, follow the likes of Hollywood celebrities like Rihanna and Whitney Port who are pulling off the look this season. Ginnifer Goodwin wore a great piece with a sexy, corset top and Whitney Port’s Alexander McQueen number is something elegant that doesn’t require you to be an A-List trend setter to pull off. Loose cut jumpsuits are rare but lovely, giving off the Arabian Nights appeal. Get a little more (purchasable) inspiration with these Women Jumpsuits & Playsuits.

If you are a little kooky, go for the colours that make the jumpsuit an 80s throwback outfit rather than a glam evening outfit.

They are pretty popular but well in the shadows of traditional pant-and-shirt, jeans-and-tshirt and little black dresses that dominate stores. So do a little searching online to find stores that have jumpsuits and playsuits. Chances are you will find more than one piece that catch your eye.