Rain Boots

Features for the Whole Family

In general, rain boots should feature the following:

  • Keep the feet dry
  • Keep the feet warm
  • Provide breathability
  • Durability
  • Easily cleaned
  • Solid traction


For mom, rain boots go beyond the general features. They must be stylish. Women actually care if colors match the outfit, or if the outfit serves as a base to showcase a stylish boot. The look matters.

This doesn’t exclude all the basic factors. Women are also the first to wail on manufacturers who fail to meet quality standards. They better look good, and they better NOT fall apart.

Mom will generally care more about designer boot options, as well. Valentino, Jimmy Choo, and Hunter all hold significance in the shopping experience. Familiarity with a famous and dependable designer can make or break a buying decision.


Dad may not care as much about the designer, but he WILL still shop for a reliable brand of boots. Brands famous for rugged and durable footwear sway the buying decision for men in search of dependable work boots.

Features must go beyond the basics in terms of traction, stability, rugged construction, and durability. Since they’re likely to be worn for countless hours in wet and muddy conditions, Dad’s boots must often exceed the standards for comfort, support, protection (from water/waterproof and temperature), and breathability.


The teen and tween shopper is MUCH more likely to pursue a look in a boot. Just as young boys will desire cool or even “plain” rain boots, young girls may prefer the wildest and most colorful options.

Since young girls often desire multiple options for the wardrobe, several pairs of inexpensive boots may be preferable to one long-lasting pair of rain boots.

Teens and Tweens begin an interest in name brands and designers, but high end designer rain boots are often way beyond the budget. If a name brand or designer is important, shopping for sales may be the only way to obtain designer footwear.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of other budget-friendly options available in chain stores and online. Polka dots, solids, patterns, and truly unique designs are all available in the $25-40 range. Teens and tweens should have no trouble maintaining a fashion statement for a reasonable cost.


For kids and toddlers, rain boots are just plain cute. Even if they’re solid colored and functional, they’re just cute on those tiny feet.

Every character and animal imaginable may appear on kids’ rain boots. Hello Kitty, pink and purple flowers and adorable frogs splash in puddles with little girls. For boys, super heroes, dinosaurs, trains, and trucks are there to soar through the mud.

If they’re young enough to enjoy dressing like Mom and Dad, Crocs and other brands provide matching styles for all ages. Truly, rain boots are fun for the whole family.