Types of Business Suit Fabrics

The pure worsted wool

The pure wool is generally thin with sleek surface and texture. It looks glossy and natural. If touching it with your hand, you will feel soft and elastic. Grasp it tightly and then let it go, you will find that no wrinkles are left. Even if any slight crease is caused, it will restore soon. Although this type of fabric is of high quality, yet it has some disadvantages, for example, it is easy to roughen, be verminous and go moldy. It is the first-rate fabric to make the spring and summer business suit.

The wool and polyester blended fabric

If seen under the sun, this kind of fabric looks shiny. Different from the pure wool which looks soft, it is stiff and smooth. If you touch it with your hand, you will have the feeling that it is very hard. Moreover, the more polyester it contains, the harder it is. Compared with the wool, it has better elastic ability. If you hold it tight and then let it go, no crease will be left. It is the common and secondary-rate business suit fabric.

The wool and viscose or cotton blended fabric

It is the common and secondary-rate business suit fabric. If the fabric is worsted, it will be soft, while for the slub fabric, it is untwisting. Its elastic ability is not as good as pure wool or the wool and polyester blended fabric, but it is cheaper and easy to maintain. It is very comfortable to wear.

The polyester and viscose blended fabric.

It is light, thin, smooth, wrinkle-resistant and convenient to maintain. However, it can’t keep warm well. It is suitable to make the spring and summer business suit.

The chemical fiber

It is the synthetic wool fabric made from viscose and synthetic wool. It looks dull and is very soft. Moreover, its elastic ability is bad, so it is apt to creased and the crease can’t fade easily. If you pull out a piece of yarn from a piece of cloth and wet it, you will find that it doesn’t as strong as when it is dry. You can use this method to identify whether a piece of cloth contains any viscose. The business suit made of this fabric is of inferior quality.