White Sarongs

Aside from the obvious ways you can use a sarong, a white sarong really works out well in several different ways:

  • As a scarf – Use it as an oversized scarf. It’s bigger, fluffier, and warmer than your average scarf. However, it doesn’t look and feel too big. When used as a scarf, a white sarong can really make you feel warm and gets the job done.
  • As a blanket – Use it as a blanket or sheet depending on where you live in the world! It’s nice to have something on the bed that you can just have lying around and can use at will. It’s also nice to have if you spill something near by.
  • As a cover up – Use your white pareo to cover a table and create a warm atmosphere. It is perfect for any beach location. You can also use it to cover any piece of furniture. Some different types of furniture include: beds, sofas, chairs, benches, and tables.
  • As a window cover – Sarongs are semi-sheer and provide shade. When hung in front of a window, it is the perfect fabric to create shade and as a temporary fix. When there is a light breeze, it gives the room a beautiful feel as it flows with the wind.

Now, if you ever want to get creative with your white sarong or pareo, you have some options:

  • Create your own tie dye sarong!! – Go to your local craft store and buy a tie dye kit and get started. It’s really easy to do and all you need to do is follow the instructions. There are a variety of methods to tie dye, and each will give you a different finished design. This is a very fun activity to do on the weekend with friends. Try something new and create your own one-of-a-kind sarong that no one else will have!
  • Spray paint or paint your own sarong!! – Get some spray paint or paint and create your own work of art. Create a unique design or image and use the sarong. Many hang their finished sarong in a room and use it as a wall hanging.

These are just a few different ways you can manipulate your white pareo and set yourself apart from the crowd. White sarongs are very underrated and provide more uses than the average design.